We believe that learning takes place in an orderly environment. It is our goal to establish and maintain an orderly environment in which instruction is effective and learning is facilitated. Our policy is to use strategies that will promote the development of self-regulation and foster acceptance of responsibility for behavior. The Student Code of Conduct provides students, parents, teachers, and administrators an excellent source of policies governing the discipline management system.

Teachers handle discipline problems with students. The school will have one set of rules and consequences. These are discussed with the students and posted in the room.


1. Have paper, pencils, books and all needed materials everyday

2. Complete work

3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to self

4. Use respectful language

5.  Follow directions

After the teacher has given several reminders and opportunities to improve the behavior, the following strategies will be used by teachers to redirect inappropriate behavior:

1st consequence - Student will be asked to reflect on his actions.  He will also sign the conduct book. (Subtract one conduct mark)

2nd consequence -Student signs the conduct book and has a walking recess.
(Subtract one conduct mark)

3rd consequence - Student signs the conduct book and a reflective lunch alone is assigned by the teacher.  The parent is contacted.(Subtract three conduct points)                        

4th consequence - Office referral (Subtract five conduct points)                                                                                  

ISS (In School Suspension) will be assigned on the fourth infraction and parents will be contacted by the principal or assistant principal. 

A DISCIPLINE REPORT will accompany any discipline matter referred to the principal. Parents are welcome to call the school to discuss the matter or to schedule an appointment with the teacher/administrator.

For a thorough review of the discipline policy, see the Brazosport ISD Student Code of Conduct.  This Code, adopted by the Board of Trustees, provides information and direction for students and parents regarding standards of behavior, as well as consequences of misconduct.

*We have a zero tolerance for fighting, running away, severe destruction of property, abusive language and threats at school.  Students may be suspended for 1-3 days or serve in-school suspension for these types of offenses.

Other severe disruptive behaviors will be handled at the discretion of the administrators.

Conduct Grades
Conduct grades will be based on the following criteria:
100-95      E
94-85       S
84-70        I
69-0          U

Each time a student does not meet one of the five school wide rules, a conduct point will be deducted.  When a student signs the book four times in one day, they will visit the office and 5 points will be deducted.  All students will start with 100 points per reporting period.  Conduct folders will be sent home each Thursday to be signed and returned on Friday. An “I” or lower in conduct will prevent students from being on the honor roll. Students who continually display inappropriate behaviors may not be allowed to attend field trips or other special school events.

*Automatic office referrals for zero tolerance infractions will result in 10 point deduction.*

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