The Brazosport Independent School District subscribes to homework guidelines to provide a form of consistency in assignments among grade levels and schools. These guidelines are based on current research and practice so that homework can serve as an effective tool to encourage, reinforce and enhance learning. Teachers are expected to provide feedback on all homework assigned through comments or grading to recognize the effort of the student and indicate use by teacher to guide instruction. Homework should also be at a level that can be done independently by a student and the student should clearly understand the expectations of the assignment. While these guidelines are put forth by the Brazosport Independent School District, homework may be modified to meet the needs, abilities, or interests of individual students.

Students in Special Education, 504, Dyslexia, LEP:

  • Students in special education or mainstreamed classes may receive modified homework assignments based on their Individualized Education Plan. The individual abilities and needs of special education students dictate the amount and structure of their homework assignments. If such modifications are necessary, the classroom teacher(s) and special education teacher will consult with one another to determine appropriate modifications.

Parameters in homework:

  • For elementary students
    • Kindergarten & 1st grade – average 10 minutes nightly
    • 2nd grade – average 20 minutes collectively
    • 3rd grade- average 30 minutes collectively
    • 4th grade – average 40 minutes collectively
    • 5th grade – average 50 minutes collectively
    • 6th grade – average 60 minutes collectively
  • For secondary students:
    • When assigning homework, teachers must be cognizant of potential assignments from other content areas and must not overload students.
    • Homework assignments should collectively average 1-2 hours per night. Research indicates that after 7-12 hours weekly, benefits of homework decrease.
Grade levels (elementary or secondary) who are departmentalized should work together to ensure that homework across the grade levels not exceed the parameters for homework.

Campus administrator must monitor the amount of homework given on their campus.
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