Volunteer and Visitor Guidelines

At Bess Brannen we welcome and appreciate our volunteers and visitors. In order to ensure safety and to minimize disruptions, we ask that the following guidelines be followed:


All Visitors:

  1. Visitors will be asked to present their driver's license at the front office when signing in. Then visitors will be issued a visitor's badge to wear while in the building.
  2. Please follow the policies and rules established for all Bess Brannen students.
  3. Parents are not to go to the classrooms. If you need to conference with the teacher, please schedule this during the teacher's conference time.
  4. Visitors and volunteers are expected to participate in Crisis Management drills.
  5. Commonly practiced drills include: 
    Fire Drill – alarm or 3 bells %
    Duck and Cover - %% pause %% pause %% pause
    Shelter in Place - % -  %% -  % -   %%-  %  - %%
    Evacuation – 3 bells followed by one long bell
    Lockdown – Administrator will announce
    Reverse evacuation – a series of short bells


  1. Do not bring small children when volunteering.
  2. The Teacher's Lounge is for B.I.S.D. staff member only.
  3. Personal use of the copy machine is not permitted



  1. When visiting at lunch, parents are welcome to take their child outside to eat at the picnic tables. Children should be brought back inside by the end of their lunch period.
  2. Please follow the policies and rules established for all Bess Brannen students. This includes cafeteria rules in the morning and at lunch.
  3. After lunch is completed, please allow your child to line up with his/her class and then exit the cafeteria.  Please do not stand or sit with your child while he or she is waiting to be picked up by the teacher.
  4. Please leave children in the cafeteria in the morning and do not walk them to their classes.


  1. The Brannen library hours are 7:45-3:15 daily, with the exception of Monday.  The library closes on Monday at 3:00.
  2.  Students come to the library once a week with their class. They may come to the library anytime during the day, except during lunch, to take AR tests, and check out books as long as they have a pass from the teacher or they are with a volunteer.
  3. Students must bring their AR folder with them to the library each time they come.
  4. Students in First – Fourth grade are allowed to check out 2 books. Kindergarteners check out one paperback book each week.
  5. Bess Brannen uses the Accelerated Reading Program as a supplement to reading instruction.
  6. Bess Brannen Student AR guidelines:
    1. Students may only test on books that they have read either independently, read with someone, or on books that have been read to them.
    2. Only Kindergarten and First grade students may have assistance taking book tests. Once a student independently reads at a 2.0 book level they are required to start testing independently.
    3. Kindergarten starts the AR program in October, at the beginning of the second nine weeks.
    4. Students must turn in books prior to taking book tests. Only folders go with them to the computers.
    5. The AR log should be filled out completely for each book prior to taking an AR test.
    6. Students should fill out the grade for each test and have a monitor sign their folder when they are finished.
    7. Student point level goals, book level goals, and certification goals are set by the teacher. If you have questions, please set up a time to talk to the teacher.
    8. The library maintains the certification level Wall of Fame on a monthly basis.

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